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Right next to Victoria Falls


Golden and his brother had played in the league in Livingstone and Lusaka, now returned to his home and teach 70 children to play football.
Just going over Victoria Falls to take the ball. If it is po

Project Description: Golden Mubila in Mukuni Village, has taken care of about 70 children. He teaches them to play football. Every day after school, kids come running to terrain of the old English court. Goals are arranged with backpacks and bags.

The whole group have about 3 balls.

It can be found right next to Victoria Falls, which is a great tourist attraction. Sometimes Golden could be found in the souvenir stalls on the parking place. You should come there to ask. You can also go straight to the Mukuni Village with the ball and give it directly to kids.

Access: The same as the Victoria Falls.

Location on the map:

Place: (The exact location, preferably on a Google map. But also a description of how to get there, known address, city). Coming from the border with Botswana and Victoria Falls from Livingstone to turn right at the Baobab, as a signpost to farm wildlife. We're going home holding up the hill and down into the valley. At the bottom of the valley on the left of the road is a playground. The above is the village. The distance from the falls - about 9 km. Distance from Livingstone - 15km

When the need was identified, (when we met the man): February 2012, we are in constant contact by mail, phone and facebook.

Notice (if required, or when the project after that date may not be current): The project is still current.

What is needed:
Take the ball for the school football in Mukuni Village. While in Livingstone you will be hard to buy a ball can be purchased in Lusaka or any other big city (if you're going to Namibia to Windhoek, where South Africa and Botswana are only capitals.

Suggested accommodations: Top stay in Livigstone. In Muknui can sleep in a tent if previously agreed terms with the head of the village. (Golden will help you in this)

Good to know: The Mukuni is a historic farm village chief, and oak for the first time Livingsone able to communicate with local ludnścią. There is also a large farm gift - a kind of social Warehouse where you can buy souvenirs directly from the manufacturers (Fair Trade)

Additional comments: Football in Africa have a very short life, preferably before going to buy the ball from the project www.oneworldfutbol.com, they are indestructible and only such can no longer serve in these extreme conditions.

The person coordinating the on-site: Golden Mubila



Other contact information:

Who else can help with the project? (On-site or in the organization of departure): company Africa Line.