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Transporting shoes to Kasisi


You will have to pick up (could be send to you) shoes for kids from Krakow, Poland, and bring them to Kasisi a mission dedicated to lonely children lost in the great metropolis that is Lusaka.

Buciki dla Kasisi

Project Description: Kasisi a mission dedicated to lonely children lost in the great metropolis that is Lusaka.

Getting there: The most convenient way to order proven by camping taxi service. You can also go Matatu or urban and suburban bus, it will only Adventure!.

Location on the map:

Place: (The exact location, preferably on a Google map. But also a description of how to get there, known address, city). From Lusaka should be directed to the north and west in the direction of Lilongwe in Malawi. The mission is located 7 km gravel road north reaching the airport. (Starts in the middle of the runway)

When the need was identified, (when we met the man): Action Transportiing shoes to Kasisi began in February 2013.

Notice (if required, or when the project after that date may not be current): it will take time to transport all of this shoes..

What is needed:

You may refer the package in Krakow and take it to the mission. It is possible to receive a packet by mail. It is advisable to send a picture of the transfer package

Suggested accommodations: Top stay in Lusaka.

Good to know: Lusaka third part of 1,7 mln citizes lives in slums. It is totally jamed beetwen 9AM up to 18PM. In lusaca you will find as well St. Lawrence Home of Hope for boystaken directly from living in the streets.

Additional comments: Of course, it was easier to buy boots in Lusaka, do not pay for excess baggage on the plane, boots and send mail. But the most interesting in this project is that the boots are from Europe, that have been collected and donated to here that you can just drive it there, and that the children will know the whole story!

An on-site coordinator: Olga

butki czekaja na transport













Photo: shoes for Kasisi, waiting for transportation.

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Inne dane kontaktowe:
WHo else could help in project realisation? (on place, or irganising the trip): Terraventura.