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New Project, send one to us!

If you go to a place somewhere in the mountains or in the bush, in the valley or in the desert, look around.

Focus your attention on the people, try to meet them. Talk to them. Ask them what would be needed to improved their lives. Think about what you might have take with you, to leave in this very place? What item brought here by following traveller, would make a smile and will create situations memorised forever?.

Czasami wystarczy wymienić kran.

Photo: Dripping tap, nearest grocery shop - 400 km. You can bring it!

If you save the basic details: name, phone number, address, GPS coordinates, nick on facebook, (contact datasheet available here.pdf) you will be able to share the message what and where is needed. Someone like you, will visit this place, but he will be prepared for the meeting! He will take with him the expected and desired objects.


Try it!


We are in the development phase, we collect projects that somebody should be able to complete during short holidays, during the week safari or trip. It's up to you where you go, who you meet and how long you will work not only for themselves but also for others.

The more difficult for you it will be, to complete the project, the more you will be satisfied after completing it!