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The local needs which is worth a look around?

We focus on helping reasonable, new meetings, new quality of contact with people we meet on our journey routes.

Often before departure we ask ourselves: What to bring with you? What gadgets to bring postcards?

Let's try to get something really needed, look what we have already documented. What items need people you meet in distant countries:

  • guitar strings?
  • map of the world?
  • can chess?
  • ax?
  • splitter to power?

Changing our meetings with people living in areas of interest to us can travel and have a positive impact on their lives. It can also change our meetings with them, see how similar they are to us, how similar are their needs, how little is needed to completely change your experience of meeting with them.

Remember that most development for the regions we visit are stimulating items:

  • education
  • culture
  • micro business
  • sport

Very practical may be:

special tools
skilled assistance at work / school / profession